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OPRN Airport Ground Handling Services

Benazir Bhutto Int'l Airport Information

Benazir Bhutto International Airport (ICAO: OPRN) is a defunct airport which formerly served the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area. It was the second-largest airport by air traffic in Pakistan, until 3 May 2018 when it was replaced by the new Islamabad International Airport. Previously also known as Islamabad International Airport, it was renamed after the late Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto in June 2008.

The airport was located in the area of Chaklala in Rawalpindi, which neighbours Islamabad. Following the establishment of the new Islamabad International Airport, the airport is no longer used for civil aviation and now forms a part of the adjoining PAF Base Nur Khan (also known as PAF Base Chaklala).

A Seamless Transition from the Ground Up, your experience on the ground with us is just as important as in the air. Our team of experts continually work to improve the quality of the end-to-end services, we deliver on ground to facilitate our valuable customer flights at OPRN Ground Handling Rawalpindi Pakistan from arrival till departure.

OPRN Rawalpindi Airline Ground Support

OPRN Ground Handling Rawalpindi Pakistan
AirportNoor Khan Air Base
Airport TypeMilitary
Airport Of EntryYes
TimeUTC +5
Operating 24 HoursYes
Longest Runway10797 x 151, 30/12
Slots RequiredYes
Airport RestrictionsNo
Noise RestrictionsNo
Elevation1668 FT
Magnetic Variation02 E

Ground Handling Services

  • Landing Permit
  • Ground Handling Arrangement
  • Flight Supervision
  • Navigation Charges
  • Flight Planning including Weather and NOTAM
  • 24 Hours Flight Watch
  • Flight Follow Up
  • Fuel Uplift On Credit Bases
  • Aircraft Refueling Coordination
  • Flight Catering
  • Crew Hotel Arrangement
  • Ground Transportation
  • Passenger Handler
  • Cargo Ground Handling
  • Ramp Services In Airport
  • Weather & NOTAM Briefings
  • Arrival / Departure General Declaration Clearance from Government Authorities
  • Security Arrangements For Passengers, Crew & Aircraft
  • The above services are available in any combination to suit your needs
  • Provision of OPRN airport ground handling services for all types of aircrafts through authorized ground handling companies at any location in Pakistan

Non Schedule / Schedule Operations :

In pursuance to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, signed at Chicago on 7th December 1944 (Chicago Conventions), Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) issues the following types of flight permissions to foreign registered aircraft subject to the conditions specified hereunder:

  • Landing Permission
  • Helicopter Flight/Aerial Photography/Aerial Spray/Low Flying By Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • Operations To Joint Users/Disused Airfield
  • VVIP Or VIP Flight Permission

Landing Permissions :

The permission for non-schedule flights will only be given to Authorized Flight Permission Agents.

Passenger / Business Charter Flights

  • Details of passengers on board, their passport no. nationality, address & contact numbers in Pakistan
  • Purpose of travel
  • Aircraft Specification
  • Copy of AOC with validity
  • Copy of AWC with validity
  • Confirmation of comprehensive insurance coverage (hull, pax, crew & third party) as per ICAO Montréal convention 1999
  • Tentative stay of each passenger in Pakistan & proposed date of departure
  • Details of any cargo on board
  • For business charter flights confirmation letter of invitation from the inviting organization, company or a person i.e. receiving party details

Cargo Charter Flights :

  • Specific details of cargo on board
  • Aircraft Specification
  • Copy of AOC with validity
  • Copy of AWC with validity
  • Confirmation of comprehensive insurance coverage (hull, passengers, crew & third party) as per ICAO Montréal Convention 1999

Helicopter Flight :

Permission for Helicopter flight operating at an altitude below 10000 ft shall be issued in coordination with concerned security agencies for which at least 15 days’ notice is required.

Aerial Photography & Aerial Spray :

Permission for Aerial photography & Aerial spray flights operating at altitude below 10000 ft shall be issued in coordination with concerned security agencies for which at least 15 days’ notice required.

Low Flying By Fixed Wing Aircraft :

Permission for low flying by fixed wing aircraft operating at an altitude below 10000 ft shall be issued in coordination with concerned security agencies for which at least 15 days’ notice is required.

Demonstration Flight :

Operator is to request for permission for demonstration flight by foreign registered civil aircraft at least 10 days in advance. Permission will be issued in coordination with concerned security agencies.

VVIP Or VIP Flight Permission :

Permission for VVIP or VIP flights shall be processed through Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Islamabad Pakistan for prior approval of the Federal Government through diplomatic channels.

Permission will be issued on receipt of the concurrence from MOFA by Air Transport Directorate, CAA.

Military Flight Clearances

Clearances for all military flights operated by military aircraft and to military/civil airfields are given by Air Headquarters.

Flight Procedures :

Unless special permission has been obtained from ISLAMABAD Approach or ISLAMABAD Tower as appropriate, flight within ISLAMABAD Approach Area shall be in accordance with the Instrument Flight Rules.

Procedures For Ifr Flights Within Islamabad :

Approach Area :
The inbound, transit and outbound routes shown on the charts may be varied at the discretion of ATS. If necessary, in case of congestion inbound aircraft may also be instructed to hold at one of the designated reporting points.

Radar Procedures Within Islamabad Approach Area :

Normally, aircraft will be vectored and sequenced from the boundary to the final approach for RWY 30. (ILS, VOR/DME) or to final approach for RWY 12, so as to ensure an expeditious flow of traffic. Radar vectors and flight levels/altitudes will be issued, as required, for spacing and separating the aircraft so that correct landing intervals are maintained, taking into account aircraft characteristics.

Radar vectoring charts are not published since the instrument approach procedures and altitudes ensure that adequate terrain clearance exists at all times until the point where the pilot will resume his own navigation on final approach or in the circuit

Surveillance Radar Approaches :

Surveillance radar approaches will be carried out for runway 30 as step down commencing descent from 10NM at an altitude of 3900 FT. Surveillance radar final approaches will be terminated at 2 NM from touch down. At each nautical mile and until 2 NM from touch down, the pilot will be given the recomputed check altitude so that the normal glide path can be maintained.

Surveillance Radar Approaches operating minimum is as follows :

(a) MDA/MDH 2000 FT/332 FT
(b) Visibility 1800m.

Missed approach procedures to be followed in the absence of other ATS instructions are as detailed on the Instrument Approach Charts.

Procedures For VFR Flights Within Islamabad Approach Area :

Provided traffic conditions so permit ATC clearance for VFR flights will be given under the conditions described below:

a) A flight plan requesting ATC clearance, containing items 7 to 18 and indicating the purpose of the flight shall be submitted.
b) ATC clearance shall be obtained immediately before the aircraft enters the area concerned.
c) Position reports shall be submitted in accordance with 3.6.3 of ICAO Annex 2.
d) Deviation from the ATC clearance may only be made when prior permission has been obtained.
e) The flight shall be conducted with vertical visual reference to the ground unless the flight can be conducted in accordance with the Instrument Flight Rules.
f) Two-way communication shall be maintained on the frequency prescribed. Information about the appropriate frequency can be obtained from ISLAMABAD Approach.
g) The pilot-in-command shall be the holder of an International VHF License.
h) The aircraft shall be equipped with SSR transponder with 4096 Codes in Mode A/3. Flights performed in connection with parachute jumps shall, in addition, be equipped with Mode C with automatic transmission of pressure altitude information (cf. ICAO Annex 10, Volume I). ISLAMABAD Control may grant exemption from this requirement.
i) Arriving VFR Flights, desirous to avail RADAR air traffic information service required to notify their intentions prior to their departure from the aerodrome concerned or as early as possible after departure.

Note: ATC clearance is intended only to provide separation between IFR and VFR flights.

Airport Regulations :

Marshaller assistance can be requested and further information about local regulations can be obtained from the TWR or surface movement control (SMC). Regarding local regulation for the safe operation of aircraft on the apron, the information will be given to each aircraft by the TWR.

Taxiing To and From Stands :

Arriving aircraft will be allocated a stand number by the TWR.
Assistance for the “FOLLOW ME” vehicle can be requested through TWR. The "FOLLOW ME" vehicle will always guide general aviation aircraft.

Start Up/Push Back /Taxi Procedure For Turbojet And Turbo-Prop Aircraft :

Start Up :
Departing aircraft shall contact ISLAMABAD Tower for pushback/ start up approval five minutes before ready. Expect ATC clearance with startup approval.
Startup approval will remain valid for five minutes. In case of delay fresh approval shall be obtained.
When ready for pushback contact ISLAMABAD Tower indicating the runway predetermined by departure route designator.
Wide bodied jet/turboprop acft on stand Nr 2, 3, 4,5,6,7 and 8 shall not start engines until towed to abeam stand Nr 9.
Small ACFT may be parked on VVIP apron, facing north and with prior authorization from ATC, may taxi out under their own power.
Due to nose in parking all Non-Sked operators/airlines operations must ensure the availability of tow bar for the push back of the acft on departure.

Taxi In Procedure For VVIP Apron :

All medium and above category aircraft are to vacate the RWY- 12/30 via taxiway BRAVO/CHARLIE for VVIP Apron. The aircraft are to switch off (Except VVIP Flight) abeam Bay No. 13 on Taxiway CHARLIE short of VVIP Apron and will be towed further to the respective parking bay.

Taxi Out Procedure For VVIP Apron :

All medium and above category aircraft parked at VVIP Apron would be pushed back / pulled forward on Taxiway CHARLIE and shall be given start-up / taxi when lined up facing East bearing 090 degree.

Note : It shall be the responsibility of operator to ensure availability of tow bar and tug master

Additional Information :

Small military airfield RWY 14/32 is aprx 4 NM SW of AD. Pilots to exercise caution in identification of correct RWY before landing at Islamabad / BBIAP Int'l.

Note : No ACFT is allowed to fly at PSN 333409N 730510E at 2000ft AGL or below.

Noor Khan Air Base Terminal - Services Availability

Custom AvailableAvailable
Fuel AvailableJet A1
Fire CAT9
Crew Hotel ArrangementsYes
Security ArrangementsYes
Crew & Passenger LoungeYes
Baggage HandlingYes
Computerized WX BriefingsYes
Flight Plan FilingYes
Medical FacilityYes
Banks & ATMsYes
Currency ExchangeYes
VIP CateringYes
Lavatory ServiceYes
Oxygen ServiceAvailable With Advance Notice
Internet / WI-FI FacilityYes
Car RentalYes
Cab ServiceYes
Conference RoomsNo

OPRN Runways And Parking

Runway 1
Dimensions10797 x 151 FT

OPRN Runway Declared Distance

Runway 1
Runway 2
OPRN Ground Handling Rawalpindi Pakistan

OPRN Ground Handling Rawalpindi Pakistan

Aerodrome - Communications

Tower123.7 Mhz
ATIS129.6 Mhz
APP125.6 Mhz
LDA2923 / 5601

Aerodrome - Navigation Aids

Freq112.1 Mhz
Distance From Field1.5 NM
Bearing From Navaid293.8
OPRN Ground Handling Rawalpindi Pakistan