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Pakistan Overflight Permit Application 2024

pakistan overflight permit

If your travel plans involve a flight routing over Pakistan, it's essential to secure an overflight permit from the country's Civil Aviation Authority. This permit is mandatory for non-commercial flights, and neglecting to acquire it may lead to fines or other consequences. Here's a guide to understanding the prerequisites and procedures for obtaining a Pakistan overflight permit.

How to Apply for a Pakistan Overflight Permit

To request an overflight permit for Pakistan, you must submit an application to the nation's Civil Aviation Authority. Your application should outline flight specifics such as route, altitude, and purpose. Additionally, details about your aircraft, including registration number and type, are required. Given the processing time, it's crucial to plan ahead and submit your application well before your intended flight date. Upon approval, you'll be issued a permit enabling you to fly over Pakistan.

Navigating Pakistan CAA Regulations for Overflight Permits

In accordance with Pakistan CAA regulations, solely authorized local agents are allowed to seek overflight and landing permits within the country. This requirement pertains to all international trip support service providers, foreign airlines, and aircraft operators, mandating them to designate a local permit agent for permit acquisition. When seeking a Pakistan overflight permit, it's crucial to verify the designated local agent's certificate issued by Pakistan CAA to confirm their authorization in processing your application.

Pakistan Overfly Permit Validity ?

The overflight permit for Pakistan is valid for 72 hours, commencing from the originally requested schedule.

Authorized Flight Permit Agent ?

With years of collective experience, our team possesses a thorough understanding of obtaining overflight permits for Pakistan, catering to both Non-Schedule and Schedule Flights.

Differences In: Authorized Agent vs Local Agent?

  • - Authorized License Agent:

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority only allows licensed and approved local agents to process overflight and landing permits.
- Has an official license from the aviation authority to process overflight permits
- Can legally process permits on behalf of both domestic and international operators/airlines
- May have a higher level of expertise and experience in dealing with the aviation authority and permit application process

  • - Local Agent:

To ensure compliance with Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority regulations, international operators/airlines must verify the license copy of a local agent before allowing them to process permits. Un-authorized local agents without an official license from the aviation authority are not legally permitted to process any permits.
- Is not authorized by the aviation authority to process permits unless they have a license from the authority
- Can only legally process permits on behalf of domestic operators/airlines
- May have a more limited understanding of the permit application process and regulations compared to an authorized agent.

  • - The Following Are Common Purposes Of Flight:

In order to obtain necessary approvals, it is important to provide all required documentation and information, and to allow for the official lead time.

  • Passenger Transportation Flights
  • Cargo Transportation Flights
  • Ambulance Transportation Flights
  • Helicopter Flight
  • VIP Transportation Flights

Requirements for Obtaining Overflight Approvals

  • Operator Name
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Aircraft Type
  • MTOW
  • Itinerary
  • Purpose Of Flight
  • Route Of Flight
  • Entry/Exit Points
  • Number Of Crew Members
  • Passengers With Nationalities
  • Confirmation Of Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
  • Details of passengers on board, their passport no. nationality.
  • Tentative Stay Of Each Passenger In Pakistan & Proposed Date Of Departure
  • Cconfirmation letter of invitation from the inviting organization, company or a person i.e. receiving party details.

Required Aircraft Documents To Process Flight Permit :

  • Air Operator Certificate (if the aircraft is under an AOC)
  • Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Certificate of Insurance

Note : Please make sure that all documents are valid for the flight schedules.

Afghan Bound Flights - Permit Requirements

Afghan bounds flight permits need to have approvals from two different government institutions, in the following sequence:

  • 1st - Air Defence ( AI )
  • 2nd - Director Air Transport ( DAT )

Charter flights are permitted to operate to/from Afghanistan.

  • Afghanistan ( In Bound / Out Bound ) Lead Time

- Aghan Bound Pakistan Overfly Permit Lead Time : 48 Hours

All the Airline/Operator stricly follow Pakistan Civil Aviation afghan bound flights lead time.

Cargo Charter Flight - Requirements

  • Specific Details Of Cargo On Board
  • Aircraft Specification
  • Copy Of AOC With Validity
  • Copy Of AWC With Validity
  • Confirmation Of Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Specific - Registrations Requirements

  • Indian-Registered Aircraft Expected To Provide The Operator Address.
  • Indian Crew Members/Passenger’s Information May Be Requested By PCAA.
  • Flights To Or From Israel Are Strictly Prohibited.
  • Overfly Or Landing By Israeli-Registered Aircraft Is Not Permitted.

Permit - Lead Time

PCAA normally issues/grants a flight clearance 24 to 48 hours prior to the flight schedule for both private non-revenue and charter flights, and it’s required in order to provide Pakistan local time to do advance security screening.

All overfly permit requests will be reviewed by Pakistan Air Defense prior to being approved by CAA.

A Part of the screening process in the case of landing permits it includes getting in touch with the business contact provided on the permit request.

It has been possible to obtain urgent permits for Pakistan, its only dependent on CAA to consider urgent request same day. It is best to avoid requesting short-notice permits for Pakistan.

Overfly Permit - Validity

Pakistan Over Flight Permit is valid for a maximum of 72 Hours, unless the flights are for special purposes such as humanitarian, disaster relief and other special purpose flights.

Landing permits require revision whenever there’s a change to originator, destination, date of ops.

All operators need to adhere to proposed routings within Pakistan airspace.

Any change to entry/exit point, or routing within Pakistan, requires revalidation of the permit.

Demonstration Flights

Operator is to request for permission for demonstration flight by foreign registered civil aircraft at least 10 days in advance. Permission will be issued in coordination with concerned security agencies.

Military - Flight Clearances

Clearances for all military flights operated by military aircraft and to military/civil airfields are given by Air Headquarters.

Pakistan - Air Navigation Charges

Based on the aircraft weight and km flown as shown on the flight plan. Rates per km are the same whether you are overflying or landing in Pakistan.

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Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country in South Asia. It is the world's fifth-most populous country.It is the 33rd-largest country by area, spanning 881,913 square kilometres.

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