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Over the years, Flytag Flight Support Pvt Ltd has established strong relation with Pakistan civil aviation authority. Our 24/7 professional flight dispatch center always available with their extensive experience to obtain Overflight permit services of Pakistan.

Our ground handling team available to facilitate flights from arrival till departure, we monitor flights to ensure the highest levels of accuracy, cost-efficiency and speed services in across Pakistan airports.

Our qualified flight dispatch center expertise to identify and engage all fuel supply options, negotiate with vendors and finally deliver customized fuel services with in comprehensive fuel prices of " Jet A1, Avgas/100LL " to our valuable customers for taking fuel in Pakistan.

Outsource Dispatch Support

Proper planning guarantees success in every aspect of life, and particularly in your flying over deserts and oceans. With FTFS rest assured that your trip to any destination, new or familiar, is destined for success.

With us, you just need to send an e-mail to our Dispatch Department, and we instantly use the latest in flight planning technology to provide you with the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient integrated flight plan comprising routes & alternates to your destination, advising on runway & airports, providing pre and post trip weather reports & updated NOTAMs.