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Flight Planning

Since we understand that the best-made flight planning can change in a fraction of a second due to external factors, our professional dispatchers create planning log, fuel planner, sectional chart online, flight planning cross country, flight maps and acting as your second pair of eyes 24/7 conducting quick assessments to respond to external factors that could impact your trip, double-checking your flight plan to make certain your aircraft complies with cross country regulations & air traffic controls requirements, as well as providing your crew with the required updated data such as weather forecast & NOTAMs, runway & airport suitability and airspace restrictions, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a safe & timely trip.

  • Captain Flight Briefing Feedback
  • Crew Briefing
  • Operational Flight Plan ( OFP )
  • Updated NOTAMs
  • Textual( METAR/TAF ) & Graphic Weather Reports
  • Wind Charts + SIGMET
  • ICAO ATC Flight Plan / Short ATC Flight Plan
  • General Declaration
  • Passenger Manifest
  • Aircraft Security Search & Checks
  • Runway Analysis Charts ( Available Only For Management Aircrafts )
  • Electronic Airports Charts
  • Transparency In Invoicing

Outsource Flight Dispatch Support

Proper planning guarantees success in every aspect of life, and particularly in your flying over deserts and oceans. With FTFS rest assured that your trip to any destination, new or familiar, is destined for success.

With us, you just need to send an e-mail to our Dispatch Department, and we instantly use the latest in flight planning technology to provide you with the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient integrated flight plan comprising routes & alternates to your destination, advising on runway & airports, providing pre and post trip weather reports & updated NOTAMs.

Route Analysis

Accurate flight plans are essentials for all pilots our dispatchers are fully capable to deliver effective plans with optimal routes and fuel efficiency

Delivery Aircraft Support

Our Aircarft Delivery Operation offers seamless execution from the time of purchase to delivery at the customers location

Flight Watch

Flight watch is required by most airline regulatory authorities. Increase your safety practices and improve the levels of flight support with Flight Watch.

Fully Responsive

To ensure that the appropriate quality standards and operational definitions are being utilized, we perform audits on all input received from the quality control measures we set in place.

  •   Flight Planning Services
  •   Airline Dispatch Services
  •   International Trip Planning

1 - Our licensed flight dispatchers make sure that your flight plan is optimized for time, fuel, weather, and more. We take the time to understand your unique needs and provide custom, one-on-one service every time.

2 - As a small, mid-size or start-up airline, you have already discovered that the cost of managing and operating your own “in-house” dispatch center can be exorbitant, and that finding licensed and skilled dispatchers who understand the complexity of domestic and international flight planning is a challenge.
To remain competitive, you need to optimize the use of your corporate resources so that you can concentrate on your core functions.

3 - International trip planning has never been so complex, or so time-consuming. Constantly changing political situations, new regulations, last-minute changes, extreme global weather, and unforeseen events challenge even the best-laid plans. To make it even more difficult, it seems that every civil aviation authority, and every airport, has its own set of policies, rules, and requirements.
As a small, mid-size or start-up airline or business, you have probably discovered that it is time-consuming and difficult to stay up-to-date on all these issues, while remaining focused on your core business needs. Trip planning is especially difficult if you have multiple aircraft making domestic and international trips to busy traffic areas, each with its own regulatory requirements that must be met. You need a customizable and flexible trip-planning solution that lets you focus on growing your business, and which addresses your trip planning, dispatch, and fueling requirements.

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